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2008 - Present
  • Created and co-founded a new startup: iDev Software (web), focused entirely on developing iPhone Applications and becoming the first chilean company to do so. During this year I have been the core developer of a series of both public and private Applications, designed by and for ourselves as well as for external clients.
  • Some of the Apps I've created during the last seven years are being showcased on the iDev Software website.
  • Founded a new startup, Igloo Training, providing Linux-related Training, Support and Consultancy services to different companies and institutions in Chile.
  • During this time I developed a series of solutions based on several Open Source projects for different clients, getting deeply involved and knowledgeable on several topics such as distributed computing, high availability, clustering, spam protection, distributed storage, load balancing, virtualization, audio and video encoding, streaming and broadcasting, web contents caching and optimization, VPN connectivity, content filtering and many others.
  • Created the local startup Igloo Sistemas, commited to provide Linux and Open Source Software based solutions to small and medium sized business as well as professional Web Application development services.
  • Became full-time Linux user (Red Hat Linux 4.2). Started doing C development and submitting patches to several open source projects. Familiarized myself with bash, perl and tcl scripting, among others.

Clients and Projects

  • Started working along with GuideOne Mobile (a Brooklyn, NY based company) as the core developer on the creation of a private botanical garden tour iPhone/iPod Touch Application, after which we carried an ongoing relationship where we have developed world class Apps for museums and institutions such as the National Park Service, The Barnes Foundation and The Metropolitan Museum of Art.
  • Developed and published serveral iPhone Applications, as well as created some private Applications (not meant for App Store distribution), covering different subjects and topics such as encryption, geolocation, mapping, animation, etc.
  • Designed and implemented a virtualization-based automatic failover solution for a medical services company in Chile, using tools such as Xen, Heartbeat and DRBD, among others, allowing for full live migration of virtual machines between physical servers and dramatically reducing the services downtime ratio.
  • Designed and implemented a remote mirror Linux server with automatic failover and recovery for a local heavy machinery rental company, using diverse tools such as DRBD and Heartbeat.
  • Designed, created and implemented a VPN mesh network over nearly 40 Points of Sale for a local convenience store chain, using OpenVPN on OpenWRT-based Linksys WRT54GL routers (embedded Linux).
  • Developed and implemented the Web platform for one of the largest Mall and Shopping Center Holdings in Chile, allowing the rapid creation and publishing of custom web sites in an automated fashion.
  • Joined as a senior developer to the DrQueue project, the leading open source distributed render farm queue manager (web). Initially I added support for the Turtle render engine, and later I created a System Preferences Pane and an Installer Package for Mac OS X.
  • Implemented a Linux-based Maya and Turtle render farm for one of the best animation studios in Chile.
2004 - Present
  • Performing as an External Consultant in Linux and Open Source Software for the Library of the National Congress of Chile on a wide scope of topics, ranging from network security and servers administration support to Applications development and deployment, load balancing, among others.
  • Developed and implemented one of the first e-commerce sites in Chile with online payment, based on a custom ASP and SQL Server software solution (later ported entirely to PHP and MySQL over Linux).
  • Co-hosted a local (nation wide) tech TV show, being the first of its kind with a weekly space dedicated to Linux and its diffusion.
  • Founded the Linux Chile community Website, based on an custom made PHP and MySQL engine. During the next few years, this became the largest Linux users community in Chile.
  • Joined the Staff in the AfterStep Window Manager team. Created the site new look & feel and submitted several desktop themes during the next couple of years (UX).

Skills and Tools

Operating Systems
  • 18+ years experience in Linux as a heavy user and expert system administrator.
  • 12+ years experience in Mac OS X as an expert user.
  • 26+ years experience — I started writing code at the age of 8 on an Atari 800 XL.
  • Highly skilled in server-side Web development with PHP (16+ years experience since version 3) and client-side interaction with JavaScript, including AJAX and DOM Scripting.
  • Highly skilled with over 16+ years experience in C coding and using the GNU toolchain (GNU make, GCC, GDB, etc.)
  • Advanced bash and perl scripting.
  • Advanced hand-coded, cross-browser compliant (X)HTML and CSS markup.
  • 8+ years experience in Objective-C / Cocoa development. Highly skilled in advanced Cocoa Touch (iPhone/iPad) development.
Linux Management
  • Over 18 years experience working with different Linux distributions and their related tools (package management, installation and setup, etc.)
  • Highly skilled in application and system customization and fine tuning, including custom Kernel configuration and building.
  • Distributions experience and history: Red Hat Linux (1997 - 1998, versions 4.2 through 5.1), Slackware Linux (1998 - 2002, versions 3.5 through 8.1), Debian GNU/Linux (2002 - present, versions 3 through 7), with varying degrees of (somewhat minor) experience working with other distributions as well: Ubuntu, SuSE,Fedora, CentOS and Gentoo, among others. Currently settled on Debian GNU/Linux.
  • Highly skilled on user management and implementing several services and system features such as: Mail (qmail, pop3+imap), DNS (bind), Web (apache/lighttpd), Content Caching (varnish/squid), Database (mysql), File and Printing (cups/nfs/Samba), VPN Connectivity (openvpn/pptpd), Virtualization (xen), High Availability (heartbeat), Distributed Storage (drbd), Software RAID, LVM and Application Servers, among others.
iOS Development
  • Over 8 years experience (since the launch of the official iPhone SDK), having released several Applications — both public and private.
  • Highly advanced knowledge of the Development Tools in the iOS SDK: Xcode, Instruments, etc.
  • Developed Applications that cover several technologies: from industry strong encryption (AES-128), embedded database management (SQLite), and geolocation (CoreLocation, MapKit) to audio and video streaming (Apple HTTP Live Streaming, Icecast/Shoutcast), networking, social features, online services and Augmented Reality, microlocation (iBeacons)just to name a few with even more in development, putting a great attention to detail in order to provide the best possible user experience.
  • Developed a Live HTTP Streaming server solution based entirely on Open Source software: Linux, Apache, ffmpeg and a custom segmenter, supporting multiple simultaneous bitrates. The resulting video stream is fully compatible with iOS and QuickTime.


  • Music — I like listening to a wide range of music, from progressive rock to electronic, classic rock, pop, etc. I also like playing some music from time to time: keyboard and bass guitar.
  • Movies — I enjoy watching fun movies and I love Sci-Fi, comic book and superheroes, time travel and comedy. Favorite film series: Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Back To The Future.
  • I enjoy spending a quality time with my family. I love being a dad.
  • I love coding. I've been writing code for over 26 years and I'm passionate about learning new stuff. I literally eat code for breakfast.
  • I like Linux and UNIX systems in general. I spend lots of time in front of a terminal window as I'm a CLI advocate.
  • Everything about cloud computing, virtualization, Web Applications, new mobile technologies, user experience and interfaces.
  • I put a great amount of attention to details on what I do, reaching to the point of being obsessive about perfection.


  • November 23, 2012: Interview on the prime time edition of "24 Horas", the leading news broadcast in the largest chilean public TV Network, after the release of Actualizar Contactos Chile (video)
El Mercurio de Santiago
Las Últimas Noticias
  • November 20, 2012: Release of Actualizar Contactos Chile, a handy iPhone utility to massively update the Address Book phone numbers in time for the nationwide number format change ("Actualice sus números por menos de $500")
  • January 18, 2009: Release of iDev Taxis, a Taxi services directory and the first free iPhone Application published by iDev Software (link).
  • February 13, 2009: Release of iRedbanc, an ATM locating iPhone Application by iDev Software (link).
  • February 13, 2009: iDev Software, the first chilean company dedicated to iPhone Application Development (link).
  • February 13, 2009: Release of iRedbanc, an ATM locating iPhone Application by iDev Software (link).